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Illustrations Sonia Valenzuela Translated from the Spanish by John Guiver WITNESS TO A TRAGEDY AND A MIRACLE IN THE ANDES Manke, the condor, was hovering over the mountain range when a dense fog covered everything. He returned home and felt a loud and strange noise. It was October 13, 1972, and a Uruguayan plane crashed on the cold peaks of the Andes. The bird witnessed the pain of the survivors and the ordeals they had to overcome, while the condors remained indifferent to the fate of humans. But Manke decided that he would not abandon these brave men until they were safe, even when the mountain range became his grave and the rest of the world had already left them for dead.
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Illustrations Sonia Valenzuela
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Autor Vogt, Francisca
Editorial Ediciones UC
Idioma Inglés
Páginas 20
Tipo Rústica
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