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Código: 9780194319225

Winnie In Winter Bk

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PreSchool-Grade 2. Tired of the cold, wet, and tiresome winter, Winnie the witch magics her dormant garden into a summer spot. To her chagrin, the flowers bloom and quickly wither, and the hibernating animals are cross about being prematurely awakened. Worst of all, Winnie"s neighbors-an astonishing assortment of people, ghosts, ghoulies, and animals-all crowd into her haven to take advantage of the warm weather. Chaos reigns until the furious Winnie puts winter in its rightful place. While the theme of leaving nature alone is apparent, the five double-page spreads devoted to the "horrible" invasion of Winnie"s property give visual weight to the joys of privacy. Scratchy lines portray the interiors of the witch"s house with lively detail, and a full palette decorates the wintry landscape. A host of animals, including the witch"s eccentric cat, Wilbur, along with kibitzing snowmen and other visual jokes, add child-pleasing humor to the pages and enliven an average text. A secondary purchase for collections needing more books about the perils of messing with Mother Nature or overstepping magical powers.?
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Información adicional

Autor Oxford
Editorial Oxford
Edición 2001
Idioma Inlgés
Páginas 28
Tipo Rustica

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