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Código: 9780061568077

The Barbary Pirates

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Ethan Gage, the early-nineteenth-century’s answer to Indiana Jones, is hot on the trail of another priceless artifact. This time it’s the Mirror of Archimedes, the (possibly mythical) ancient weapon that wiped out a Roman fleet and could enable its possessor to conquer the world. As usual the story moves at a brisk clip and contains equal parts humor, romance, and action. Ethan, a thoroughly likable adventurer, comes up against one obstacle after another as he travels from France to Greece to Italy, staying one step—sometimes barely that—ahead of the nasty pirates who want the mirror for themselves. As he did in previous novels, Dietrich works real characters and historical events into the mix, expertly blending fact and fiction. Fans of the earlier Gage novels will definitely want to read this one, but the book should be heartily recommended to all action-adventure lovers.
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Información adicional

Autor William Dietrich
Editorial Harper
Edición 2011
Idioma Inglés
Páginas 432
Tipo Rustica

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